Countdown to Kickoff: Day 96 Cian Quiroga

Cian Quiroga • Defensive Line • Redshirt Freshman • Denver, CO

So far: Another day, another sweet, sweet Colorado RecruitTM. The previous regime was able to scoop Quiroga up from Valor Christian High School. He had no other reported offers according 247 Sports, but I’m going to assume we beat Wyoming for him because I hate Wyoming. lists him as a Defensive Lineman and credited him with 1 tackle for the 2019 season.

I went on a scavenger hunt for that one tackle and I think I found it:

Looks like Jalen Bates got there first, but it’s the closest thing I could find. Also notable, Quiroga is listed as a DL, but he was playing at linebacker most of the time. Re-watching that New Mexico game is a little wild: the defense was playing all kinds of different formations, Jeff Taylor was lining up in the back field, and the coaches went deeeeeep into the depth chart. It’s nice to know that regardless of how bad we are, we still own New Mexico so thoroughly that the coaches are comfortable messing around a little bit.

Cian’s name reminds of the word cyan, which reminds me of my first job. The office printer was giving an error message to replace the cyan toner cartridge, so I popped out the red cartridge and replaced it with a new one. Still got the error message. Grabbed a different red cartridge and replaced it. Still didn’t work. Finally, I had to summon my boss and tell him the damn printer was on the fritz. And that’s the day I learned that cyan is blue, and I somehow didn’t get fired on the spot. I wouldn’t be this astonished by the name of a color until a couple years later when I learned that chartreuse is green and not pink.

What’s ahead: The official roster says Quiroga went from 215 to 240, so it’s possible that he might be on the defensive line permanently this year. But with the combination of the guys we have returning and Scott Patchan transferring in from Miami, it might be difficult for Quiroga to see the field. Hopefully he at least gets playing time against Northern Colorado, certainly to be a blood feud against his former high school coach.

Brewery nearest Valor Christian High School: Blue Spruce Brewing Company

Blue Spruce is a brewpub with two locations in Centennial and Littleton. Their highest rated beer is their Blue Spruce Imperial IPA. Googling “brewery nearest Valor Christian High School” felt kinda weird, by the way.

Lowest Yelp review for Blue Spruce:

My man Jeff Z rolled into Blue Spruce with his Brett Favre Vikings jersey and a fucking coupon and was like “get me a burger and your finest club soda”. I am shocked- shocked– that he didn’t get the white glove service he so desired.

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #61

2017 Colorado, The OPI Game

  • Score: Colorado State 3, Chris Coyte 17
  • Line: Colorado -3
  • Venue: Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Welcome to Sports Authority Field at Mile High, where the only thing more bankrupt than the stadium sponsor is the officiating.

Probably the lamest thing a fan can do after a defeat is blame the refs, but after this debacle, what else is there really to talk about?

The defense played great, only giving up 17 points and pitching a shutout in the 2nd half. That type of performance from your D combined with Mike Bobo and a $500,000 offensive coordinator should be enough… right?

First quarter, CSU is driving and has a 3rd and 4 and then:

Offensive pass interference? They guy got juked and fell down. So instead of 1st-and-Goal from the 9, CSU gets a 3rd-and-19 from the 41. Incomplete pass next and then a punt. (By the way, props to Andy Burnside for uploading these videos to YouTube. They’re the only video evidence left of this travesty, thanks to a cover-up by Larry Scott and George Soros.)

Third quarter, 1st-and-10 from the Colorado 27:

I… I don’t know. The CU DB isn’t held or re-directed. If you sit down and watch a Saturday’s worth of football, you see plays like this a million times. So instead of 17-10, CSU is stuck with a 1st-and-25. Izzy Matthews runs for two yards on the next play and then:

Hands to the friggin face. This one was probably the only defensible call made, but having two touchdowns called back in the span of three plays was a little hard to swallow. CSU went from 1st-and-10 on the CU 27 to 2nd-and-38 from their own 45 with two negated touchdowns in between.

And later in the quarter Nick Stevens completes a pass to Michael Gallup to the 15, but we know the drill by now:

CU out there flopping like Vlade Divac.

After the game, a CU player said, “We’re not going to say the refs helped us, but whatever happened, happened.” You’re not going to say it, but I sure as hell will.

Colorado would go on to have a crap season, only defeating Texas State (2-10), Northern Colorado (3-7), Oregon State (1-11), and Cal (5-7). Just a brutal loss against a shitty team.

Another bad thing about this game, our fans (myself included) NEVER SHUT UP about it. Nothing riles up a fanbase more than getting an unfair whistle, and nothing is more obnoxious than a fanbase who is always complaining about officiating. This game will always be remembered as the night the PAC 12 Officials wanted to show us their yellow and our fans only saw cyan red.

Fun fact: Instead of being banished from officiating forever, head official Chris Coyte got to ref the 2020 National Championship game because life isn’t fair.

The full game is here if you hate yourself and want to watch it:

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