Countdown to Kickoff Day 57: Kavesz Sherard

Kavesz Sherard • Offensive Line • Redshirt Sophomore • Anderson, SC

So far: Sherard is the highest rated recruit remaining from the 2018 class. He picked the Rams over reported offers from Clemson, Duke, North Carolina, Tennessee and others.

He went to T.L. Hanna High School, which was the setting for the movie Radio, that Cuba Gooding Jr movie based on a true story. (I knew it sounded familiar.)

T.L. Hanna was also the home of this acting legend:

Gunther on 'Friends' got the role because he used to be a barista ...

Sherard redshirted his freshman year and didn’t see the field in his redshirt freshman year. That means his legs are fresh, Coach Dazzle! Put him in!

What’s next: He makes his CSU debut in 2020! (I have no idea.)

Brewery nearest Anderson, South Carolina: Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery & Winery

According to the internet, “bauernhaus” is German for farmhouse or cottage. Personally, I would have gone with Carolina Cottage Brewery because alliteration sells. They teach you that in day one of business school.

It turns out there is, in fact, a Carolina Cottage Company; a home builder based out of North Carolina. I know nothing about them, but it’s safe to assume they are the most successful home builder in all of the Carolinas (perhaps the world?) based off the triple alliteration in their name. Just look at these titans of business:

I like the jackass who couldn’t be bothered to find a button-down for their little team photo. Let’s put him in the front of the picture, they thought.

Lowest Yelp Review for Carolina Cottage:

Pretty good reviews overall for this place. The only one-star came from our friend Jervis G. He complains that the wine “quickly warms to a mulled sensibility.”

Just imagine being a server at that place, it’s super busy, you’re bringing out pints, flights, and glasses of wine. Jervis G motions you over, swirls his wine glass in the air and says, “My dear? May I bother you for one cube of ice? This wine is beginning to have a mulled sensibility.” Lol, for real? No wonder Server Hannah was rude. The only mulled sensibility here should be Jervis G’s face after Hannah slaps it.

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #37
2015 San Diego State, The Halloween Game

  • Final Score: Colorado State 17, San Diego State 41
  • Line: Colorado State +3
  • Venue: Hughes Stadium

I hate games played on Halloween, I never have a good feeling about them. I think it comes from the infamous Broncos vs Colts Halloween game on Monday Night Football in 1988. For all the kids reading this, playing on Monday Night Football was a huge deal back in those days. (Also in those days, we wore masks for fun, not as a precautionary measure to avoid murdering grandma.)

We were going house to house collecting our Halloween candy and we’d ask for the score of the game throughout the night. It seems like every time we asked, Eric Dickerson and the Colts had scored another touchdown. Dickerson had 124 yards and 4 touchdowns in the first half! The Colts won 55-23, and I can’t express enough how massive this game was. It scared me for life.

Even though the Rams were coming off a win over Air Force and a bye week, I wasn’t feeling good about the game at all. (Too bad sports gambling wasn’t legal yet, SDSU -3 was the lock of the century.)

The game gets off to a spooky start when Jasen Oden somehow fumbles at the goal line on the Rams opening drive:

How does that ball even come out? Was it a g..g…ghost????

CSU would actually keep it close for a half, going into the locker room down 13-10. Unfortunately, they didn’t mind showing up for the second half and got outscored 28-7.

Look, I totally get it. We’ve all lived in Fort Collins and we’ve all had some epic Halloweens up there. The costumes are all either super hilarious or super revealing and it’s just a great time. One year in particular my girlfriend bought a long blonde wig and dressed up like a
“sassy” cop. It was the best. There is no way I could have played a football game that day.

So I give the Rams a pass on the egg pumpkin they laid in the second half. (Plus, that Aztec team was pretty good. They’d run the table in the Mountain West and finish 11-3.)

There is hardly an video of this game on the internet, here are some CSU highlights:

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