Ranking Every Game of the Bobo Era: #36, 2015 Boise State

  • Final Score: Colorado State 10, Boise State 45
  • Line: Colorado State +15
  • Venue: Hughes Stadium

The Countdown to Kickoff is on hold for now until we get an idea of when kickoff will actually happen (could still be September 5th for all we know), but for now let’s keep ranking the games of the Bobo Era. We’re so close to getting out of the losses and into the wins so we’re not stopping now.

This complete and utter ass whoopin’ from Boise State would have ranked higher (lower?), but my arbitrary proprietary ranking system factors in the fact that this Boise team was ranked, finished with 9 wins, and we were wearing pink socks. Hard to see any team winning under those circumstances.

Coach Bobo played two QBs during the game and as the old football adage says: if you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterbacks. That proved to be the truth on this Saturday night in Fort Collins as Nick Stevens went 8 for 10 for 60 yards and Coleman Key went 5 for 19 for 56, 1 TD, and 2 picks.

As you can imagine, not too many highlights from this one.

Kevin Pierre-Louis killed a guy:

So that was cool?

I remember when I used to complain so much about KPL and Trent Matthews. “Anyone could be better than this,” I would say as a random Air Force quarterback noodle-armed yet another 20-yard completion down the seam. But I had no idea what kind of safety play was waiting for us after their graduations. I would like to take this moment to apologize to KPL and Matthews. And Nick Januska. I took you all for granted and I’m sorry.

Anyway, it’s hard to have sour grapes about a game where you get beat by five touchdowns while wearing pink socks, but look at this play:

We have no margin of error against Boise, but it seems like shit like this happens every time we play them.

(Man… I kinda forgot how gorgeous Hughes Stadium could be during late autumn afternoons when the stands were packed. Maybe someone should have tried to save it?)

That was Coleman Key’s first interception of the game. Not really his fault as Xavier Williams was probably a foot taller than the Boise guy. This second interception though… definitely a boner by Key:

Key would get one more drive which ended in a punt and then he’d never play a meaningful down for CSU ever again. Whammy!

Some lunatic actually uploaded the full broadcast version of this snoozer onto YouTube and I can’t think of any reason to watch it unless, of course, you hate yourself:

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