Ranking Every Game of the Bobo Era: #34, 2019 San Diego State

Did any of you watch Sesame Street growing up? Let’s play a game from it. First, let’s queue up the music:

All right, now which one of these is not like the other:

2019 Homecoming vs San Diego State (10-3)
2018 Homecoming vs New Mexico (3-9)
2017 Homecoming vs Nevada (3-9)
2016 Homecoming vs Utah State (3-9)
2015 Homecoming vs Air Force (8-6)

If you chose 2019 Homecoming vs San Diego State, YOU WIN!

Traditionally you want to schedule a patsy for your homecoming game, but CSU really didn’t have a choice in 2019. September 21st vs Toledo was a little too early for a homecoming game and San Diego State game was the only home game in October.

So a crowd of 30,000 homecoming revelers were treated to one of the worst football games in CSU history. I’m not talking about worst losses, I’m talking about the worst games overall. I suggest that researchers show this game to insomnia patients, it might lead to a cure.

The game featured 13 punts. Only four plays of over 20 yards. Both teams combined for 473 yards of offense (120 of which came on two meaningless garbage time drives to end the game.) They combined to go 7 for 27 on 3rd downs.

Warren Jackson didn’t play in this game, and if this is a preview of what the CSU offense is going to look like after he graduates, I’m a little concerned.

Even the touchdowns were boring. Two short TD’s to a receiver wearing number 92, another short TD pass to a running back, and a garbage time TD for CSU.


This was probably the best play of the game for the Rams:

It led to a field goal.

The game was truly decided by a couple of plays at the end of the 2nd and beginning of the 3rd. With a minute left, the Rams had the ball on the SDSU 1 yard line with an opportunity to tie the game at 10.

Rams would get the ball first in the second half and the first play would be a classic soul crushing Marvin Kinsey fumble:

Aztecs score three plays later to take a 17-3 lead, and that’s your ballgame!

I actually left this game early. Not out of protest to the product on the field, but because it was freaking cold and I was wildly unprepared. As Ron Swanson would say:

To All My East Coast Friends | Cold weather memes, Ron swanson ...

A condensed version of the game is here if you’re having problems going to sleep:

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