Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era: #30, 2019 Boise State

  • Final Score: Colorado State: 24, Boise State 31
  • Line: Colorado State +13.5
  • Venue: Canvas Stadium Snow Globe

The final loss of the Mike Bobo Era. (Not the final loss of this countdown, but close). The stadium was entombed in snow, three-quarters empty, and sad. It was kind of appropriate.

How bad are things going when your stadium gets blasted by a winter storm, the 20th team in the nation visits your stadium, and you’re like “screw it, just leave the snow.”

The Rams wore their green on green, and I’ve never heard it confirmed by anyone in the athletic department, but I guarantee they do this to troll Boise in response to their blue on blue on the blue. Rams wearing green on green versus Boise is one of my favorite things in college football.

CSU scored a touchdown on their first drive to go up 7-0. One of the wacky things about the 2019 team is that they consistently scored on the first drive of the game. They scored a touchdown on their first possession in 9 of their 12 contests. Most in spectacular fashion: bombs to Dante Wright against CU and Western Illinois, bombs to Trey McBride against Fresno and New Mexico, Marvin Kinsey’s 75-yard run at Arkansas, Anthony Hawkin’s kick return vs UNLV.

When we got up 7-0, I actually got the idea in my head that we were going to win. The season was over, we were coming off back-to-back loses against Air Force and Wyoming, no one really cared any more… it just felt like the perfect timing for Coach Bobo to finally beat someone important. How appropriate would it be to get your signature win in the final game of your career?

Instead, it would turn out to be another classic Mike Bobo loss. A bunch of turnovers turned into a bunch of points for Boise. Fast forward to the 4th quarter, Rams down 10 at the Boise 20. Drive stalls, field goal, 7 point game.

Defense needs to get a stop so we get the ball back and almost blow it on a 3rd and 11:

Ugh… that’s a “throw your TV remote at the wall” type of play. Luckily, the refs called the Boise runner down a yard short of the first down. Boise lined up to go for it on 4th and 1 but got called for a false start. A very un-Boise penalty, and almost got me believing again that we’d win this one.

Ensuing Ram drive, and we’re rolling. Into Boise territory when:

Ah yes, the vaunted left side of our offensive line. Good job, traitors! Enjoy your conference-only P5 season. You’re dead to me!

That play basically ended the game. The Rams would punt with 2 minutes left because Coach Bobo wanted to fit in one last kicking game boner for old time’s sake:

Stonehouse’s leg is too strong for his own good! Not ideal.

Boise takes over from the 20 and the Rams never see the ball again. The Mike Bobo Era ends with a whimper. The End.

There is a replay of the game here:

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