Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era: #21, 2018 San Jose State

  • Final Score: Colorado State 42, San Jose State 30
  • Line: Colorado State -3
  • Venue: CEFCU Stadium (Thank god our stadium name didn’t end up looking like this. Thank you, Canvas!!)

This is probably the least impressive win of the Mike Bobo era. San Jose State was a god-awful 1-11 team and the Rams did everything they could to keep the Spartans in the game.

Things started out great with KJ Carta-Samuels throwing four touchdown passes in the first half; two to Preston Williams and two to Warren Jackson. Three of them were pretty sweet:

The defense was stout, forcing the Spartans to punt on every first half drive except for one turnover on downs.

28-0 at half time lead over some horseshit San Jose team, game over… right?

Wrong! San Jose State’s coach made some all-time great Halftime AdjustmentsTM because the Trojans dominated the third quarter.

After cutting the lead down to 28-14, this play happened:

Pretty sure I murdered my remote control on this play.

Full disclosure: I played safety for my co-ed two-hand touch football team, and I played it at an elite level. So I’m a bit on an expert on the safety position. Take a look at our safties on this play: Jordan Fogal shades to the middle of the field pre-snap… then WHERE THE HELL IS HE GOING? Meanwhile, Jamal Hicks bites on a half-assed play-action and the ball is completed right over his head. Well done fellas!

28-21. Next CSU drive:

Trojans score, 28-28. Okay, Rams time to get our shit together!

On the ensuing kickoff, Anthony Hawkins fumbles and the Rams start on the 2 yard line. NOT THE BEST TIME FOR A BONER IN THE KICKING GAME FELLAS! Next play:

I run to the guest room, grab that remote control in there and smash it.

28-0 lead, GONE! In one quarter to some bullshit San Jose State team! 30 points in one quarter! Just look how silly this looks:

4th quarter starts and the Rams snap out of it and remember they’re playing the San Jose State Spartans. They take the lead back with an 8-play, 83-yard drive.

Spartans get the ball back and then:


Next play:


The game was over when… The Rams offense had a couple chances to extend the lead further but kept going three and out. With 5 minutes left the Spartans needed a score to stay alive, but Ellison Hubbard snuffed that out, literally and figuratively:

The SJSU QB wouldn’t return to the game. YOU GOT HUBBARD’D!

Rams win, Spartans end the season 1-11. That 30 point 3rd quarter will go down as one of the largest head-scratchers in CSU history.

Behind Enemy Lines:

I was combing San Jose State’s 247Sports board looking for some saltiness, but then I stumbled across this message in their CSU postgame thread:

Did We Just Become Best Friends GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

A condensed version of the game is here:

1 thought on “Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era: #21, 2018 San Jose State

  1. The Jordan Fogal era…….holy shit (shivering). He made Schlager look like Ed Reed. What a dark, dark time in history for our secondary

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