Countdown to Kickoff Day 90: Casey Irons, Jr.

Casey Irons, Jr. • Defensive Line • Freshman • Gilmer, Texas

So far: We’ve finally reached the first true freshman on the countdown. Coach Bobo secured Irons’ commitment early in the process after a summer camp in Fort Collins. Irons also had offers from Kansas, North Texas, and Liberty Liberty Liberty.

It was so early in the process, Irons was actually the first commitment of the 2020 class. The first commitment always holds a special place in my heart and I like to keep track of them. Recent ones:

Xavier Goldsmith – 2019 – The cornerback out of Detroit committed way early, before the 2018 class even had their signing day. It was kind of confusing when he committed, is he for ’18 or ’19? The coaches didn’t even have a corny Twitter hashtag for the 2019 class yet. I guess he really wanted to be a Ram! He’ll be a redshirt freshman this year.

Nick Martin-Morman – 2018 – An athlete out of Louisiana, he ended up de-committing and I can’t find evidence of him playing anywhere else. Those ones kind of bum me out, I’m hoping it’s just bad Google-ing on my part and not a wasted opportunity on his part.

Sincere David – 2017 – It turns out David wasn’t Sincere when he broke Ram Nation’s heart and flipped to Ole Miss on Signing Day.

Collin Hill – 2016 – Bobo’s first recruit at CSU is also his first recruit at South Carolina.

Olabisi Johnson – 2015 – Colorado RecruitTM from Bear Creek now playing in the pros. Colorado RecruitsTM remain undefeated.

What’s next: Typically you wouldn’t expect a true freshman DE to play right away, but if Coach Heater plays a 4-3, playing time at the DE spot opposite of Manny Jones is wide open.

Brewery nearest Gilmer, Texas: Gilmer Brewing Company

Gilmer Brewing’s website doesn’t say anything about their beers other than that they’re available to-go, which I guess is all that really matters during These Uncertain TimesTM.

Lowest Yelp Review for Gilmer Brewing:

Never trust anyone who spells flavor with a “u”, and don’t trust Nick G’s two star review. This place has live music, crawfish boils, and pork rinds made to order. That alone makes it a three star brewery.Their beer could taste like the water in a tire swing for all I care. Three stars!

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #57

2018 Illinois State, The FCS Game

  • Final Score: Colorado State 19, Illinois State 35
  • Line: Colorado State -4.5
  • Venue: Canvas Stadium

Complete and utter domination at the hands of an average-at-best FCS team. No other way to describe it. If we’re looking at this purely from a football stand-point, this is probably the worst loss of the Mike Bobo Era. But the thing is, everyone kinda knew this was coming and we were mentally prepared to get our asses kicked by an FCS team.

And make no mistake, the game was a total laugher. This wasn’t one of those fluky FCS wins, the Fightin’ Redbirds would have beat us 9 time out of 10.

There are basically no highlights from this game. Adam Prentice trucked their kicker, which was pretty cool, but that’s about it:

That’s it! That’s the only highlight. The rest of the game checked most of the boxes for a typical CSU loss: multiple turnovers from the offense and none forced by the defense, wonky special teams play with a missed XP, defensive backs taking hilarious pursuit angles leading to big plays, and lets check in on that $500,000 Offensive Line:

That clip gets worse each time I watch it.

There is one silver lining from this game: Illinois State’s stud running back James Robinson wasn’t drafted and signed as an UDFA with the Jacksonville Jaguars. When he eventually works his way to the top of their depth chart, we’ll know to grab him off the fantasy football waiver wire immediately. Just imagine what a smug prick you’ll be to the rest of your league mates when you snatch the rookie sleeper of the year right from under their noses.

A condensed version of the game is here if you hate yourself and want to watch it:

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