Countdown to Kickoff Day 88: Running Back Preview

There is no number 88 on the roster this year. Recently the number has been worn by Griffin Hammer, but he’s not on the team any longer. I googled his name to see where he’s playing now and didn’t find anything, but this picture comes up when you google “griffin hammer” which I thought was funny:

MC Hammer | Family Guy Wiki | Fandom

Since there’s no 88, we’ll do a running back preview instead.

Coach: Brian White • Senior Associate Head Coach/Running Back Coach

Coach White followed Coach Addazio over from Boston College and his resume is damn impressive. He played quarterback at Harvard before he moved in to coaching. He was running back coach/offensive coordinator at Wisconsin for the good part of a decade, coaching guys like Ron Dayne (Heisman) and Michael Bennett (NFL first rounder and eventual bust on too many of my fantasy football teams). At one point he was named Assistant Coach of the Year by the American Football Coaches Association.

More impressive than all that are the cooking skills he shows off on his Twitter account. Coach White currently holds the title as the best Twitter follow on the coaching staff.

Coming Back:

Marcus McElroy, Senior – 370 yards, 3 TD’s, 4.6 YPC

A Colorado RecruitTM, McElroy has shown flashes of what he can do, but has never put a stranglehold on the starting job. Could Coach Addazio’s smash mouth style untap McElroy’s full potential?

Jaylen Thomas, Sophomore – 222 yards, 3 TD’s, 3.3 YPC

Inclement weather moved the 2019 Spring Game inside and closed to the public, so I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who screamed “Who the hell is that?” when the first handoff of the Rocky Mountain Showdown went to the walk-on from Colorado Springs. Thomas ended up being the most versatile of the running back group and his usage went through the roof after the Marvin Kinsey dismissal.

I’m assuming he’s on scholarship now, but have never seen confirmation. He’s gotta be on scholarship, right? He’s a Colorado RecruitTM, for hell’s sake!

Christian Hunter, Sophomore – 99 yards, 1 TD, 2.7 YPC

Malcom Magee, Redshirt Sophomore

Originally a defensive back, moved to running back last year. Jasen Oden, Jr was able to make that move a couple years ago with pretty good success. Maybe that’s the blueprint for Magee?

Tyreese Jackson, Redshirt Freshman

Played in one game on special teams.

Outta Here:

Marvin Kinsey Jr, Senior – Graduation/Dismissal

There is a trope in video games where there’s a character or a weapon that is overpowered but comes with drawbacks when you use it. Marvin Kinsey is the football playing manifestation of that trope. You want size and game breaking speed? Done, and you get some fumbles too. Conference leading production to go along with that natural talent? It’s yours, but you’ll never know if he’ll be available from week to week.

I’ll never forget watching Kinsey take the second play of the 1st quarter 75 yards for a score. Razorback Stadium was in an uneasy silence after that, are these guys really going to beat us again. And I’ll never forget the first play of the 2nd quarter, watching him fumble followed by the crowd doing that stupid pig chop suey chant. Classic Kinsey.

New to Fort Collins:

Kyjuan Herndon, Jacksonville, FL

Herndon originally committed to Ole Miss but backed out when their coach was fired. He later committed to Maryland but that fell through as well. CSU was able to swoop in and get his commitment in a pleasant Signing Day surprise.

Who is the Wildcard of the group?


He may be a true freshman, but Herndon enrolled early and was on campus for Spring ball. Could his abbreviated spring and Power 5 pedigree launch him to the top of the depth chart? Could he join Cecil Sapp, Gartrell Johnson, and Dee Hart as CSU’s next great running back out of Florida??? Is he Coach White’s next great running back????

The AlwaysSonny Prediction for the Running Backs

McElroy will begin the season as the bellcow, but the staff will work in more guys as they transition to getting more players experience for 2021. Herndon will look good in the second half of the season and set himself to be RB1 going into Spring 2021. While McElroy leads the team in scores, Jaylen Thomas will lead the running backs in yards from scrimmage. He will be on scholarship. Coach White tries Rocky Mountain Oysters at some point and puts it on his Twitter.

That’s all for the RB’s! The regular countdown will be back tomorrow with another classic loss from the 2016 season. Can you guess which one?

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