Countdown to Kickoff Day 87: Ryan Sayre

Ryan Sayre • Wide Receiver • Redshirt Senior • Castle Rock, CO

So far: Sayre played at Douglas County High School, then Chadron State for two years, and then Colorado State. He hasn’t seen the field yet for the Rams.

What’s next: Does it matter? Sayre is already a big winner by upgrading from Chadron, Nebraska to Fort Collins. Everything else is icing on the cake at this point.

Brewery nearest Castle Rock, Colorado: Wild Blue Yonder Brewing

Wild Blue Yonder was founded by Air Force grads, which is unfortunate. Their website claims they’re Castle Rock’s “premiere brewpub” which is also unfortunate.

Lowest Yelp Review for Wild Blue Yonder:

Wait, what? A bunch of little kids humping each other while their parents watch? Like, literally or figuratively? Should Jenny T be writing a Yelp review or contacting the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department?

This is the second Castle Rock brewery on the countdown and the second one with a ton of one-star reviews. Remind me to never open a business in Castle Rock.

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #55

2016 Wyoming, The Gray Uniform Game

  • Final Score: Colorado State 17, Wyoming 38
  • Line: Colorado State -5.5
  • Venue: Hughes Stadium

Unpopular opinion: I liked them. If the Rams didn’t deliver one of their most frustrating performances in recent memory, maybe more people would feel the same. I’m speaking of the gray uniforms, of course.

The Rams and their smokey duds got out to a 14-3 and everything felt right in Ram Nation. Little did we know everything was about to fall apart and both programs were set to go in opposite directions.

Here’s a brief recap of what happened next:

Okay, that’s probably enough. The rest of the game is just Brian Hill running it down our throats.

As I mentioned before, this game kind of served as a fork in the road for both programs. The Rams had won three straight Border Wars going into this one and would never win one again.

Wyoming would end the year 8-6, Craig Bohl’s first winning season at Wyoming. They’d go to the Poinsettia Bowl, their first bowl in five years. They haven’t finished a season with a losing record since.

There is one other play I wanted to talk about, but I can’t find the full version of this game online, so I don’t have a clip. If you remember the early days of the Bobo regime, he’d usually give a drive or two to the backup quarterback to run wildcat stuff. In 2015 it was Craig Leonard and in 2016 it was Faton Bauta (after Collin Hill won the starting job). The quirky thing about Bobo’s wildcat plays is that the quarterback never passed. They didn’t even look to pass. It was all 100% run plays. It wasn’t an RPO, it was just a RO.

That is until the third quarter of the 2016 Border War. The Rams, down 24-17, found themselves deep in Cowboy territory. 2nd-and-goal from the 6. Bauta comes into the game to run some Wildcat QB. Anyone who watched any film on the Rams knew that a run was coming. But not so fast! Nolan Peralta slips out of the backfield, he’s wide open in the endzone! Bauta passes the ball and….. it’s ten feet over Peralta’s head.

Coach Bobo had been setting up this play for over a year and a half. It worked to perfection and the players blew it. Next play, incomplete pass. 4th down shanked 24-yard field goal. Wyoming goes 80 yards for a score. 31-17, game over.

I can’t find the full version of the game anywhere, but here are highlights:

2 thoughts on “Countdown to Kickoff Day 87: Ryan Sayre

  1. Just wanted to say — great work on this blog, man. Love the commentary, even if it is re-living some of the worst games of recent memory right now. Looking forward to each new one!

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