Countdown to Kickoff Day 86: Ross Reiter

Ross Reiter • Long Snapper • Junior • Phoenix, AZ

So far: Is Ross Reiter the best player on the team? Perhaps the greatest recruit of Coach Bobo’s regime? You may scoff at the suggestion because he’s a long snapper, but if we’re grading on the curve, why not? He started as a true freshman, has played in every game, and hasn’t screwed up. And according to the official roster, the dude grew an inch and lost five pounds. Who’s living a better life than Ross Reiter?

Add in the sweet ‘stache…

…and you’re looking at the best player on the team. Period.

What’s next: I don’t know, how about another year of excellence and perfection? (I hope I’m not going overboard with this. If Reiter sails a snap over Ryan Stonehouse’s head, I guess you can blame me.)

Brewery nearest Phoenix, Arizona: Sunup Brewing Company

According to their website, they won a Bronze medal at the Great American Beer Festival! Remember the Great American Beer Festival? That thing people used to go to in the Before Times in The Long Long Ago?

Lowest Yelp Review for Sunup Brewing:

I came up with about five or six versions of a joke involving the offensive term said by the waitress and that exact term appearing in my internet search history. Then I came to the conclusion that I’m definitely not funny enough to pull off that kind of joke.

Ranking the Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #54

2016 Air Force, The Other No Punt Game

  • Final Score: Colorado State 46, Air Force 49
  • Line: Air Force -7
  • Venue: Falcon Stadium

If I told you that if the Rams had a 300-yard passer, a 100-yard rusher, a 200-yard receiver, were even on turnovers, and had no punts; you’d probably bet that the Rams won the game, right? But if I also told you that we missed two field goals, had a turnover on downs, and happened to be playing in our house of horrors- Falcon Stadium- then you might change that bet.

The game started as a typical Ram-Falcon showdown with neither defense showing much resistance. Rams were looking to go in to the half with a 24-21 lead until they were on the short end of one of the most ludicrous calls in the history of football.

Nick Stevens releases a pass and gets hit late and high by Air Force linebacker Grant Ross. The pass is intercepted by Air Force, but it’s obviously coming back due to the Ross penalty.

The referee calls a targeting penalty (important distinction there) and reviews it. They decide it’s not targeting, and since they didn’t call roughing the passer or a late hit, there is no penalty and the interception stands. They’d later explain that it wasn’t a late hit because the contact happened after the change of possession and was considered a legal block WHICH IS THE MOST INSANE, ASININE THING I HAVE EVER HEARD.

So you’re tell me as 44 is launching himself through the air, he’s able to see with the eyes in the back of his head that a teammate intercepted the ball? Is it even possible that the ball was intercepted before contact was made? Spoiler alert, it isn’t:

Bottom line: the ref messed up by not calling the penalty correctly (roughing the passer with targeting) and had to come up with a ridiculous explanation weasel out of it.

Air Force gets gifted a short field, scores a TD and goes into half up 28-24.

Fast forward to the 4th quarter. CSU down three, ball on their own 20, two minutes left. Stevens hits Gallup for a big gainer and then…

It’s a strange feeling when your best player screws up at the end and loses the game. I’m not saying it was Gallup’s fault that we lost, he had over 200 yards and a bunch of huge plays. But when he’s stripped of the ball like that, you’re kind of left empty and speechless. Weird feeling. And would you look at who caused the fumble, cheatin-ass number 44 WHO SHOULD HAVE BEEN EJECTED FROM THE GAME IN THE FIRST HALF!

This game sucked.

You can watch the game here. There were actually some decent moments so it might actually be worth the time:

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