Countdown to Kickoff Day 85: Trey McBride

Trey McBride • Junior • Tight End • Fort Morgan, CO

So far: McBride was about as highly recruited as they come, receiving offers from Cal, Colorado (Boulder), Colorado (Northern), Kansas State, Navy, and Wyoming (lol). Lucky for us, Trey decided to follow his older brother to Fort Collins.

He was as advertised, bursting onto the scene with a long TD vs Florida in his freshman year. He truly broke out in 2019, getting on the Mackey Award watch list and earning All-MWC first team as a Sophomore.

McBride has been a complete home run recruit. He can work the outside or the middle of the field, has speed to beat people deep, he can catch the ball in traffic, and he can block. One of those rare guys who doesn’t really have a weakness.

And one of the best things about him is that he doesn’t seem to score ordinary touchdowns, they’re all big gains or brokens tackles or a combination of the two. Ranking McBride’s touchdowns purely on aesthetics:

5. Down the seam vs New Mexico

4. Down the seam vs Florida

3. Misdirection vs Air Force

2. Straight Arm/Bowling Pins vs Boise State

1. Hurdle vs Fresno State

What’s next: I can’t remember this much hype for a tight end since Kory Sperry returned for his 9th year of eligibility back in 2008. My enthusiasm is a bit tempered though. Nothing to do with McBride and more to do with the abundance of mouths to feed in the CSU offense and the depth at the TE position.

I’m guessing that McBride’s stats improve over last year’s (45 catches, 560 yards and four touchdowns), but not by a ton. Then the biggest question becomes: does McBride come back for his senior season or enter the NFL draft? Or perhaps the NBA draft?

Brewery nearest to Fort Morgan, Colorado: Broken Plow Brewery in Greeley.

Once again, there is no brewery in Fort Morgan so if anyone out there is looking for a place to open one, here’s your chance.

Lowest Yelp review for Broken Plow:

I feel Mike W’s pain here. We’ve all been there: step away for a phone call or a bathroom break, only to come back to find the table cleared. So frustrating.

BUT! There is more to the story! The owner of the brewery responds:

Turns out Mike W was fucking hammered! Cut off! God I love the internet.

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #53

2018 Utah State, The Illegal Touching Game

  • Final Score: Colorado State 24, Utah State 29
  • Line: Colorado State +29.5
  • Venue: Canvas Stadium

I had trouble ranking this game because there were absolutely zero stakes going into it and the loss was to a quality opponent. But the ending… oh the ending.

The Rams were running out the stretch of an awful 3-8 season and while USU is a Mountain Division opponent, they’re not exactly a rival. The biggest motivation was that CSU had the opportunity to beat a ranked opponent for the first time since 2002. (2002!!!!)

And what did CSU do with this golden opportunity?

Utah State scored their first touchdown on a 95-yard pick six from an errant Collin Hill pass that was tipped by Preston Williams. Their second touchdown was also a pick six on a pass that Hill threw behind his receiver. Two fluky touchdowns, neither given up by the defense.

Meanwhile, super star, pretty boy, all-world quarterback Jordan Love was held in check all game long by a surprisingly stout CSU defense. That is until they decided to gift the Blue Aggies a touchdown:

Down 29-24 with 8 seconds left in the game, the Rams had one last chance to pull out a win. Drew Goodman with the call:

Is there a more brutal way to lose a game than that? What a gut punch. The fact that the ref throws his hat and not a flag so the penalty isn’t seen right away is just the chef’s kiss of shitty ways to lose a game.

After this game I swore I was done with CSU football. I wan’t mad or anything, I just had a heart-to-heart with myself and decided I would no longer voluntarily put myself through this shit. (The prohibition lasted two days.)

Here’s a condensed version of the game if you want to voluntarily put yourself through this shit:

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