Countdown to Kickoff Day 84: Gary Williams

Gary Williams • Tight End • Redshirt Sophomore • Charlotte, NC

So far: Williams was a three star recruit and picked CSU over reported offers from Air Force, Appalachian State, Marshall, and others.

I remember seeing him at a practice during his freshman year and he already looked like an upperclassman. “That dude is ready to play,” I thought to myself. Well, turns out I was wrong as he redshirted his freshman season.

The official website says he only played in three games last year, but I could have sworn I saw him out there for more than that. Either way, he didn’t record any stats in his redshirt freshman season.

Williams’ high school is named after Zebulon Vance, a Confederate Army general (oh shit, here we go…), who was later pardoned and became a US Senator (okay…), favored reconciliation with the North (okay, okay), and was outspoken about religious tolerance (all right, I think we’re good here).

What’s next: Look, I grew up in Denver and rooted for a #84 at tight end my whole life, so maybe I’m a little biased, but let’s put the guy out there and see what he can do! It’s going to be really difficult getting any kind of playing time at tight end this year, but I hope Williams is part of the rotation.

Brewery nearest Vance High School in Charlotte, North Carolina: Armored Cow Brewing Company

Armored Cow Brewing doesn’t have a website yet so I have nothing to say about them.

Lowest Yelp Review for Armored Cow:

There really aren’t any bad reviews on Yelp. I think it’s because they’re new and haven’t been open long enough to get the “This place used to be great but now it’s the SEVENTH CIRCLE OF HELL!” type review. Here’s their only two-star:

Hi, I’m Peyton W and I like gluten free beers and ciders and I wear ascots and cummerbunds and play the banjo ironically.

(Got ’em.)

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era #52

2019 Arkansas, The Missed Opportunity

  • Final Score: Colorado State 34, Arkansas 55
  • Line: Colorado State +10
  • Venue: Razorback Stadium

This Arkansas team was a complete joke. Out of all the teams CSU lost to in the Bobo Era, the Razorbacks were the worst, hence the low (high?) ranking in this countdown. Arkansas was a 2-10 team whose only other win was a nail-biter against Portland State. That’s it! Us and Portland State!

This game was a gift from the football gods to get an SEC notch on our belt. Sure, Arkansas was terrible, but no one would have cared ten years from now. Like our win at LSU in 1992. Do you know LSU’s record that year? Were they any good? Who cares, we have scoreboard on the national champs! That win at Michigan State; I don’t know if they were any good. All I know is that we went into a Big 10 stadium and kicked Nick Saban’s ass!!

Unfortunately, this game had all the staples of a classic Bobo loss: crushing Marvin Kinsey fumbles, boners in the kicking game, big plays given up by the defense, and one soul crushing highlight that would make SportsCenter. You all know the play I’m talking about, some random-ass Arkansas tight end catches a pass, five Rams converge on him, somehow they all miss the tackle, and the tight end scores a touchdown. Story as old as time. You know the play. I’m not going to GIF it here, I don’t need to see it again.

2019 also introduced a new genre of defeat that we hadn’t seen much of in the Bobo Era, the “Keep it close for three quarters and then get our doors blown off in the 4th so it looks like a blowout” loss. This game was actually tied 34-34 in the 4th quarter. The Rams had the ball and were driving into Arkansas territory, ready to take the lead. On a 3rd-and-6, both Cam Butler and Trey McBride came open on the play, but the vaunted left side of our offensive line decided to let the DE come in unblocked and messed everything up:

Way to go guys! I hope you enjoy your time at Nebraska and TCU! YOU’RE DEAD TO ME. Instead of hitting McBride or Butler for an easy first down, O’Brien is flushed out of the pocket and forces a pass to Dante Wright which falls incomplete.

On 4th down, the coaches say, “hey, we have a walk-on kicker, lets have him try a 50-yarder!”. He misses, Razorbacks score, game over.

And lastly, the final piece of this game that vaults it past other losses into the echelon of shitty losses: the Collin Hill injury. To see that Arkansas defender fly in, completely out of control and roll into Hill’s knee, it was like a nightmare. It was the worst type of play you could possibly imagine for Hill.

The Razorbacks ended up scoring 55 points, they wouldn’t score more than 27 in a game the rest of the year. The next week they dropped a home game to San Jose State. San. Jose. State. Their coach got fired after the season. He earned it.

A condensed version of the game is here if you hate yourself and want to watch it:

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