Countdown to Kickoff Day 83: Chris McEahern

Chris McEahern • Wide Receiver • Redshirt Freshman • Arvada, CO

So far: Walked on to the team in 2019 and didn’t see any playing time.

McEarhern played his high school football at Arvada West. I miss when Arvada West was Arvada West. I miss Kevin McDougal. I miss the legend Steve Cutlip. What happened to Arvada West football??

What’s next: What am I, a fortune teller? I have no idea what’s next. But do you know who might know?

Steve Cutlip apparently!

Brewery nearest to Arvada, Colorado: New Terrain Brewing Company

New Terrain is located on the west side of town and has a pretty sweet location next to Table Mountain.

Lowest Yelp Review for New Terrain:

Now this is more like it, the classic “they used to be good” review. Can any of you psych majors out there tell me what makes people this way? Is it just our obsession with nostalgia and “the good old days”? Just look what I wrote above about Arvada West High School: used to be good, now it’s trash!

Anyway, I like Jen H’s minimalist writing style. Here’s a haiku inspired by her review:

They are entitled

They are more popular now

Forget to be nice

– Jen H

Ranking Every Game of The Mike Bobo Era, #51

2018 Colorado, The Boat Race II

  • Final Score: Colorado State 13, Colorado 45
  • Line: Colorado State +7
  • Venue: Broncos Stadium

Much like the 2016 Rocky Mountain Showdown, the Buffs raced out to an early lead and never looked back. Unlike the 2016 Rocky Mountain Showdown, expectations weren’t really high coming into this one so it didn’t sting quite as bad. The Rams were coming off a Week Zero loss to Hawaii, Coach Bobo was having serious health issues, and losing Trophy Games in embarrassing fashion had become the norm.

The most infuriating thing about this game was the way the Buffs scored on big plays due to missed tackles and crappy pursuit angles. They scored on plays of 38, 46, 89, and 49 yards. Completely demoralizing.

You know what’s even more demoralizing? Kicking a friggin’ field goal on 4th-and-goal when you’re down 45 to 10. What kind of chicken shit play call was that? We just laid down and died for them. Kind of a theme for the 2018 season.

Another reoccurring theme: getting beat by a CU team that wasn’t very good. They’d win their first five games of the season and then lose their final seven in a row, which was hilarious.

Here’s the full game if you hate yourself and want to watch it. The first couple minutes of the first quarter are cut off, no complaints here:

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