Countdown to Kickoff Day 76: John Blasco, Jr.

John Blasco, Jr • Offensive Tackle • Redshirt Junior • Tacoma, WA

So far: Blasco was a three star recruit who picked CSU over offers from Hawaii and Montana. (Quite the range of destinations there.) He saw his first game action last year, appearing in two games.

What’s next: With TJ Storment leaving Fort Collins to became a Texas Christian Horny Toad, the tackle spots are pretty much wide open. Blasco certainly has the size for it and perhaps that Addazio Magic can unlock his three star potential.

Brewery nearest to Tacoma, Washington: Dystopian State Brewing Company

Tacoma has a ton of breweries, so I just picked the one that came up first in Google. I figured the team at Dystopian had a great SEO person on staff, but oh no, the reason they show up first on Google searches is waaaay better than that.

Back in 2018, someone posted a negative review on the brewery’s Facebook saying “this is the first time I spit beer back into my glass.” The brewery’s owner privately messaged the reviewer with this totally reasonable response:

As you can imagine the internet went crazy. Have I mentioned before that I love the internet? The internet is the best.

Worst Yelp review for Dystopian State Brewing:

I like to imagine that John L is Drunk Uncle:

What a Drunk Uncle movie would look like, according to Bobby ...

All those 20 year olds with their tie dye shirts and their Galaxy notes. Hey Galaxy, here’s a note: get me a beer.

He ended his review warning that he’ll make sure all of his friends are aware of the bad service. All of his friends 2,898 miles away in Richmond Hill, Georgia.

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #48
2018 Wyoming, The Craig Bohl Classic

  • Final Score: Colorado State 21, Wyoming 34
  • Line: Colorado State +3
  • Venue: Canvas Stadium

If Wyoming Coach Craig Bohl could write a script for a game, this would probably be it. The Pokes dominated the line of scrimmage, won time of possession and the turnover battle, only passed the ball ten times, and won comfortably. The score was 34-21, but it might as well have been 70-0. This game was complete domination and a classic “not as close as the score indicates” type of game.

The Rams managed to rush for 20 yards on 20 carries, led by Izzy Matthews’ 7 carries for -5 yards. Meanwhile, Wyoming had some guy named Nico Evans run for 176 yards.

I thought this play encapsulated the entire 2018 season:

Or this one:

Or this one:

And the worst part? This Wyoming team wasn’t any good! Their wins were against us (2-10), New Mexico State (3-9), San Jose State (1-11), Air Force (5-7), and New Mexico (3-9). Their best win was probably a their last second victory over FCS Wofford.

The Cowboys were so bad that even though they were bowl-eligible, all 100-or-so bowl games took a look at them and said, “meh, we’re good.”

A condensed version of the game is here if you hate yourself and want to watch it:

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