Countdown to Kickoff Day 77: Keith Williams

Keith Williams • Offensive Tackle  • Redshirt Senior  • Baltimore, MD

So far: Williams was a highly recruited player out of high school with 17 offers from schools like Marshall, Louisiana Tech, Southern Miss, and Nevada. He was so good he got invited to play in something called the Crab Bowl All-Star Game, which makes sense because:

Williams went the JUCO route instead and ended up at Colorado State two years later.

He didn’t see much time as a Sophomore, but played in eleven games as a Junior with four starts.

What’s next: So… no pressure Keith, but pretty much the whole damn offensive line from last year is gone and we’re going to need you at right tackle.

Williams had pretty much won the job by the end of last season, allowing Barry Wesley to move inside, so we should be good to go. Hell, his first career start was the offensive explosion at Fresno State, so we’re basically unstoppable when Williams is playing.

I’m excited for the opportunity that Williams has. Up until now he’s been known as the guy who played for that crazy head coach on Last Chance U, but now he’ll get his chance to cement his name as the starting right tackle. You could make a case that his development is one of the most important questions marks for the entire team. Again… no pressure!

Brewery nearest to Baltimore, Maryland: DuClaw Brewing Company

Their website doesn’t say what the name DuClaw means, but I bet it has to do with crabs because of the whole Maryland thing. They make a beer that looks like this:

Lowest Yelp Review for DuClaw Brewing:

Heidi B was silently discriminated against immediately from someone on the other side of the restaurant? That’s incredible! How does one know that they’ve been silently discriminated against immediately, and more importantly, how many times have I been silently discriminated against immediately?

Here’s another review from Heidi B:

Banned from the establishment for hearsay evidence? What is happening when Heidi B goes into public?? I need to know!

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #49
2018 Air Force, The Thanksgiving Dive

  • Final Score: Colorado State 19, Air Force 27
  • Line: Colorado State +14.5
  • Venue: Falcon Stadium

Hey Rams fans! Want to ruin your Thanksgiving?

Coming off the failed Hail Mary game against Utah State, the Rams headed down to Colorado Springs to wrap up their shitty 2018 season with a Thanksgiving tilt against the Air Force Academy.

I hate the triple-option. I hate watching it, I hate the Army/Navy game, and I especially hate watching Colorado State try to defend it. Typically I have a rage-induced remote control flinging temper tantrum around the third quarter when Air Force picks up a crucial first down by doing something tricky like a play-action pass or an end-around to some goofy little slot receiver who hasn’t touched the ball all game.

But not this game. Air Force never had to reach into their little bag of tricks because Colorado State couldn’t stop the MOST SIMPLE FUCKING PART OF THE TRIPLE OPTION: the fullback dive. We had no answer for it! None! All Air Force had to do was hand it to the fullback all game. WHAT THE HELL DID WE DO IN PRACTICE ALL WEEK?

Air Force fullback Cole Fagan ran for 260 yards on a 7.6 yard per carry average. The backup fullback had 44 yards. 300 yards to the fullback! Happy Thanksgiving Ram Nation, I hope you like your stuffing with a pile of shit!

Actually let me rewind for a moment. I said earlier that Air Force didn’t have to go to their bag of tricks, but that’s not entirely true. Check out this busch league play from Mr Fuckin Howdy Doody right before the half:

This is how you get players injured, start fights, or both.

This game had all the staples of a Mike Bobo loss: ineffective defense (no turnovers, lost time of possession), crushing turnovers by the offense (interception in the redzone), and boners in the kicking game (two missed extra points).

Regardless of all that, the Rams still found themselves in the game in the 4th quarter. Down 8 points with three minutes left, KJ Carta-Samuels drove the Rams down the field and then…


CSU still had two of their timeouts left, but it didn’t matter. Cole Fagan for 10 yards. Fagan for 6. (Timeout.) Fagan for 6. (First Down.) Game over.

On the last play of the game, Tre Thomas punched a guy in the face:

What a way to end your college career, getting ejected after punching some Flyboy in the mouth. What a legend.

A video of the full game is here if you hate yourself and want to watch it:

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