Countdown to Kickoff Day 68: The Uniforms

There’s no number 68 on the roster yet. The freshman should all be on campus now and I just know one of these days the staff is going to assign them numbers and I’ll be so happy.

Anyway, the big news in the college football world recently is that Under Armour is bailing on some of its apparel deals, most notably their record-breaking $280 million deal with UCLA. Which got me thinking about our uniforms with UA. For the most part I’ve been pretty happy with the partnership after we got rid of the ill-fitting, generic high school uniforms from 2013-2015. Here are all 22 uniform combinations, ranked by winning percentage:

Green, Green, Gray

Notable Wins: What a way to commemorate the final game at Hughes Stadium by wearing the classic green and…. gray?

Notable Losses: None.

Green, Orange, Green

Notable Wins: Me! I won! Ever since we started wearing Ag Day uniforms, I’m always crying about wearing them with green pants. Under Armour has only done it once so far against Northern Colorado.

Notable Losses: Nobody loses when we go Green/Orange/Green.

Green, Orange, White (2017)

Notable Wins: For some reason the Rams decided to wear the regular white pants for their 2017 Ag Day showdown with Abilene Christian.

Notable Losses: The guy on the equipment staff who lost the Ag Day pants at the dry cleaners?

Green, Orange, White (2013)

Notable Wins: None.

Notable Losses: What the hell were we thinking??? This was Under Armour’s first attempt at Ag Day uniforms and it was a hilarious failure. We went with the cool orange horn helmets, orange practice uniforms with a weird white stripe under the armpits, and our normal white pants with a green and gold stripe. A complete train wreck. The Rams beat UTEP handily, but we were all losers that day.

Green, Green, “Gold”

Notable Wins: We wore this combination for the first ever game at Canvas Stadium, a 58-27 rout of Oregon State.

Notable Losses: We’ve only lost once so far in the Green and Khaki, a home loss to Hawaii that will be coming up soon in my Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era countdown.

White, White, Green

Notable Wins: Last year’s win at Fresno State, I guess? The combined records of the teams we beat while wearing this combination is 7-29.

Notable Losses: The 49-10 ass whoopin’ we got from Nevada that was highlighted in yesterday’s post.

Green, White, White (2013)

Notable Wins: This uniform combination will always bring me back to Charles Lovett catching the game winning pass from Garrett Grayson at Boston College, or Dee Hart and Treyous Jarrells running roughshod over an over-matched Colorado defense.

Notable Losses: The disaster that was the 2014 Air Force game. Colorado State was on the verge of one of their greatest seasons ever, but choked at the Academy. Jim McElwain already had his bags packed for The Swap.

Green, Green, “Gold” (2013)

Notable Wins: Remember the Bronze Boot? That trophy that used to reside in Fort Collins? Remember that? We were wearing this uniform the last time we won it.

Notable Losses: The 2015 Rocky Mountain Showdown loss in overtime.

Green, White, “Gold”

Notable Wins: None, unless you want to count New Mexico or UNLV as notable.

Notable Losses: 2016 at Air Force. This is the most boring uniform combination we have.

Green, Orange, White

Notable Wins: We were wearing these bad boys during Mike Bobo’s first career win against Savannah State.

Notable Losses: I wouldn’t have been against retiring these uniforms altogether after getting manhandled by FCS Illinois State.

White, Green, White

Notable Wins: 2018: The classic comeback against Arkansas.

Notable Losses: 2018: Getting our butts kicked at home by a mediocre Wyoming team.

State Pride

Notable Wins: The Colorado State athletic department, who made bank from selling state pride merchandise.

Notable Losses: The Colorado athletic department, who can’t do their own version of state pride without ripping us off.

(Also, the brutal come-from-ahead loss to Boise State came in these beauties.)

Green, White, Green

Notable Wins: Whenever I see this combo, my mind always goes to a rainy night in San Diego where Michael Gallup and the boys blew the doors off the MWC champion Aztecs.

Notable Losses: None. Even when we lose we win because this is our best looking uniform.

Green, Green, Green

Notable Wins: Any time we wear these against Boise State it’s a win, because I’m almost certain we wear green on green to troll them about the whole “no blue on blue” thing they had to agree to when joining the Mountain West the first time.

Notable Losses: Yeesh…. two Boise losses, a rout at the hands of a crappy CU team, the illegally touched Hail Mary against Utah State…. take your pick.

Green, Green, White

Notable Wins: That time we shut out Fresno State.

Notable Losses: The Potato Bowl and two blowout losses to Air Force. I hate these uniforms, they look like crap and we play like crap when we wear them. I get triggered any time I show up to Canvas and they have them on.

Green, Gray, Gray

Notable Wins: Lol.

Notable Losses: Speaking of triggered, mention these uniforms to any CSU fan and see what their reaction is.


Notable Wins: None.

Notable Losses: The equipment crew who was probably up all night preparing the helmet decals for a “meh” result.

White, White, Gray

Notable Wins: The football budget for getting another game out of those gray pants.

Notable Losses: Is losing at Boise considered “notable”?

White Colorado A&M

Notable Wins: The players at the craps table at the Hard Rock the night before the game, apparently.

Notable Losses: The Dave Baldwin Era.

Green, Green, White (2013)

Notable Wins: None! These are the worst! They don’t even match! Why did we ever wear these?

Notable Losses: Anyone ever associated with Colorado State University.

Green, White, White

Notable Wins: Nada.

Notable Losses: An RMS and a Border War. Yikes.

White, White, White

Notable Wins: Well.. they look pretty cool.

Notable Losses: The New Mexico Bowl, among others. Maybe dressing up like a surrender flag isn’t a good idea?

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