Countdown to Kickoff Day 67: Cameron Bariteau

Cameron Bariteau • Defensive Line • Freshman • Wareham, MA

So far: I goofed this one up a little bit. I didn’t check to see what number Bariteau wore on his recruiting visit (68), and he should have been up yesterday. So pretend you’re reading this yesterday and you’re reading the uniform thing from yesterday today.

I didn’t think to check Bariteau’s number because he’s a d-lineman, but it’s very possible that he’ll could keep number 68 and play on the defensive line. In fact, the most disruptive pair of defensive tackles I’ve ever seen at CSU had numbers in the 60’s: Guy Miller (66) and James Morehead (62). I’ll never forget those two dudes going into Boulder in 2009 and single-handedly (double-handedly?) wrecking the Buffs offensive line. They made the Buffs completely abandon the run (29 yards on 21 carries) and then Little Cody Hawkins wasn’t up to snuff to beat us through the air. Absolute legends.

Bariteau was recruited by Coach Addazio while he was still at Boston College and Addazio’s interest remained after he took the Colorado State job. Bariteau’s commitment came after he de-committed from the University of New Hampshire, so suck on that New Hampshire *googles…* Wildcats!

What’s next: Well, I’ve already projected Bariteau to be the next Guy Miller or James Morehead, so no pressure there! It wouldn’t be out of the question for Bariteau to play in his freshman year, guys like Ellison Hubbard and Devon Phillips have already set that precedent. But as long as everyone stays healthy, I don’t see Bariteau playing more than four games and keeping his redshirt.

Brewery nearest to Wareham, Massachusetts: Buzzards Bay Brewing

There’s a place in Wareham called Stone Path Malt Taproom. They make malt for breweries to use in their beers, but aren’t technically a brewery themselves, so I didn’t pick them. Buzzards Bay Brewing is a brewery and a taproom in the area, so I picked them.

It kind of bothers me that their name isn’t “Buzzard’s” but after some research, they’re named after a nearby bay and the correct spelling is Buzzards with no apostrophe. So it’s a bay where buzzards live, the buzzards don’t actually own the bay. But according to Wikipedia, there aren’t any buzzards in the bay at all! The locals mistook osprey for buzzards and named the bay after the wrong bird! Lol, you dumb shits! Do you even study Bird Law?

Charlie Kelly is well versed in bird law. | It's always sunny in ...

Lowest Yelp Review for Buzzards Bay:

Yes! This is how you write a review! I love Daniel B’s ALL-CAPS energy. To hell with you Buzzards (Osprey) Bay Brewing and UP YOURS!

I went through Daniel B’s Yelp profile and he has 35 more one-star reviews, a lot of them for breweries. You think he ever came to the realization that maybe the problem is that he just doesn’t like breweries? You’re the problem Daniel B! To hell with you!

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #42
2015 Minnesota, The First of Many

  • Final Score: Colorado State 20, Minnesota 23
  • Line: Colorado State +4
  • Venue: Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium

The first loss of the Mike Bobo Era. We were so young and innocent then. After a Week 1 tune-up against Savannah State, the Golden Gophers from the Big 10 rolled into town.

The Gophers were coming off an 8-5 season and returning their quarterback and key pieces on defense, so it looked like quite a battle.

The first half was all punts and fumbles and the Rams took a 7-6 lead into the locker room. Second half the offense is stalling and Coach Bobo pulls Nick Stevens and puts in…. Coleman Key! Remember that guy? I thought for sure Key was going to be the next great CSU quarterback. Everything about him screamed star quarterback: Six-foot-four, rocket arm, cool name that the media can use in cheesy puns.

And for one brief moment, I’m sure all of Ram Nation felt the same:

“COLEMAN KEY! The KEY to CSU’s success!!”

-Kelly Lyell, probably

Joe Hansley always came up big for us, and we really needed him for this game because in the previous week versus Savannah State the coaching staff decided it was a good idea to play Hollywood Higgins well into the 2nd half and he got injured. Makes you wonder how this game would have played out if Higgins was available.

So the Rams are up 17-13 and both teams exchange punts for most of the third and fourth quarters. Three minutes left in the 4th Quarter, Minnesota has the ball on their own 20 and probably their last chance to take the lead. The Rams actually had the Gophers stuck on a 4th and 7 but weren’t able to hold. Gophers score with 55 seconds left and go up three.

That’s okay though because we have Coleman Key and this offense is Key’ed in! Key was able to drive the Rams all the way down to the 20 and Wyatt Bryan drilled a clutch field goal to send it to overtime.

We all know how overtime went. Screen pass over the middle to Dalyn Dawkins is picked off:

Game over.

Massive bummer blowing an opportunity to knock off a Big 10 school. Even bigger disappointment knowing it could have been different if your star player didn’t get hurt the week before in a meaningless game against one of the worst FCS schools in the country.

Minnesota would finish the season 6-7, losing to Wisconsin and a bunch of ranked teams.

Coleman Key would only get mop up duty in a couple more games and leave CSU at the end of the year.

A link to the game is here if you want to watch it:

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