Countdown to Kickoff Day 66: Ranking the TD’s of 2019 (42-31)

No number 66 on the roster, so today I’m starting a four part series ranking every touchdown from 2019 from most mundane to the most spectacular.

I ranked each touchdown based on aesthetics, opponent (a TD vs Western Illinois is worth less than one against CU), and importance (a game winner is worth more than one in garbage time).

If my HTML skillz are still up to par, the YouTube videos should start and stop with the specific touchdown.

42 through 39- Jaylen Thomas 3 yard run vs Boise State, Jaylen Thomas 2 yard run vs Utah State, Marvin Kinsey 1 yard run vs Utah State, Collin Hill 1 yard run vs Arkansas

I grouped these four together because I couldn’t find anything interesting about them. They’re all just goal line touchdowns and tie for last place.

38. Patrick O’Brien 1 yard run vs Toledo

This TD is just as boring as the first four that I grouped together, but it earned an extra aesthetic point from the Toledo defender pushing O’Brien backwards well after the whistle. It was funny and a total dick move.

37. Patrick O’Brien 1 yard run vs Fresno State

Another ho-hum touchdown, but this one gets bonus points because of the sweet play by Warren Jackson to get down to the 1 yard line.

36. Marvin Kinsey 3 yard run vs New Mexico

This is another one that gets bonus points from the play preceding it. Nothing more fun than watching Dante Wright take off on an end-around, and look at Trey McBride blocking his guy into bench! So good. Also bonus points for the play-by-play guy’s touchdown call: “Kinsey… GI-ANT SPACE!”. Lol, what?

35. Nate Craig-Myers 13 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs San Diego State

I feel bad ranking NCM’s first touchdown as a Ram so low, but this was the epitome of a garbage time touchdown. The little stutter move he did was pretty nice, put #17 in some quicksand.

34. Christian Hunter 5 yard run vs UNLV

I also feel bad ranking Hunter’s first career touchdown so low, but it loses points for opponent (who cares about UNLV), importance (game was already a blowout), and aesthetics (looked like his knees were down).

33. Warren Jackson 6 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Toledo

This is a pretty sweet play from CSU. Jackson lines up on the outside and I’m sure #20 for Toledo is prepared for a fade route to the back corner. Instead Jackson runs a crossing pattern, wide open.

32. Marvin Kinsey 14 yard run vs Toledo

Look at McBride and NCM out there setting the edge! Love to see it! Holy Toledo, that was a crappy defense. What a terrible loss.

31. Marvin Kinsey 1 yard run vs New Mexico

This is probably the most exciting 1 yard run you’ll ever see. It came on a 4th down right before halftime. Instead of kicking a field goal, Coach Bobo decided to set the tone and go for it.

Jeff Taylor lines up in the backfield and comes out of the blocks like a crazy train; #9 on New Mexico wanted no part of that. Don’t know why Kinsey didn’t follow his blocking to the right, but you can’t argue with the results.

That concludes Part 1. 30 through 21 tomorrow and stuff starts getting a lot more interesting.

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