Countdown to Kickoff Day 65: Ranking the TD’s of 2019 (30-21)

There is no 65 on the roster so we move on to the second part of ranking every TD of 2019.

30. Marcus McElroy 9 yard run vs Fresno State

The biggest highlight is Warren Jackson going in motion and absolutely deleting some guy from the play. Also nice to see McElroy with enough speed to outrun a defensive back to the pylon.

29. Jaylen Thomas 11 yard run vs UNLV

Extra points for Thomas’ stiff arm and Warren Jackson setting the edge. Loses points for poor cannon execution. Did we decide not to waste cannon shots against a team like UNLV. (I think I remember the shots being fairly expensive when they did a fundraiser for it a couple years back.)

Overall a pretty ho-hum TD against the ho-hum’est of opponents. We all hate Wyoming, Air Force, and Colorado a lot and then hate other teams to varying degrees (Boise, New Mexico, SDSU, etc). I wonder if there’s some Ram fan out there who just hates UNLV football. That person has to exist, right? I’d like to meet this person.

28. Marcus McElroy 18 yard run vs UNLV

This one ranks a bit higher than Thomas’ because he made two men miss opposed to one. And Warren Jackson with the pancake block! You watching this NFL scouts?

I’m praying every day that we’ll be able to watch the Rams beat up the Rebels at the new Raiders stadium. Epic road trip.

27. Marvin Kinsey 14 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Western Illinois

Man, that Marvin Kinsey was electric when he wanted to be. Extra points for the juke and the cannon blast (a little late but still effective).

26. Warren Jackson 4 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Wyoming

I love these “Man versus Boys” types of touchdowns that only Warren Jackson can pull off.

Lol, nice try little guy.

This touchdown earns bonus points for being against Wyoming, but it didn’t mean much as the offense wouldn’t threaten for the rest of the game. EVERY GAME IS A TROPHY GAMETM!

25. Dante Wright 33 yard run vs Western Illinois

Nothing I like better than an end-around to Dante Wright and nothing sweeter than running towards the New Belgium Porch with an Old Aggie ad in the background. The play loses a lot of points due to the opponent and the game was out of hand at this point.

24. Dante Wright 17 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Air Force

I love watching #14 from Air Force on this play. He gets caught looking in the backfield and then he’s like “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.” This score brought the Rams within 3 points with over six minutes left, but the Falcons would end up blowing the game open.

23. Warren Jackson 14 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Arkansas

Jackson gets inside position on the skinny post and it’s over for that Razorback DB. It reminds me of when I was a little kid playing basketball with my dad and he’d box me out for a rebound. No chance. A+ touchdown celebration by Jackson here. I like how the guys on the SEC Network try to claim that Jackson is from Georgia. You can’t have him! THAT’S EAST COAST BIAS!!!

22. Warren Jackson 26 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs New Mexico

The Rams were in control of the game, but things were getting a little uneasy as the Lobos were hanging around. After a Lobo touchdown and a CSU missed field goal, the Rams were only up 7 and acing a third-and-long. We needed a play, so just throw it up to Jackson for another Man versus Boys touchdown. This TD slammed the door shut and the Rams came away with the win. Wow! That Jackson’s something!

21. Cameron Butler 13 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Colorado

Rub play, pick play, offensive pass interference… whatever you want to call it, it was a pretty sweet play by Toby McBride and Cameron Butler to get Butler wide open for the TD. The score got the Rams within 7 points and WE’RE BACK IN THIS THING!!

I especially love this guy, who encapsulated all of Ram Nation in that moment:

He’s the best! Where did he get a towel from? Did he bring it to the game specifically so he could wave it? Should be all start bringing towels to games so we can match this guy’s intensity?

Anyway, that’s it for today. Until next time.

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