Countdown to Kickoff Day 64: Scott Brooks

Scott Brooks • Center • Senior • Moorpark, CA

So far: Brooks picked CSU over reported offers from Air Force, Hawaii, New Mexico, Columbia and others. Once again the combination of offers from service academies, Ivy’s, and Mountain West schools is usually a pretty good indicator that an offensive lineman is going to do well.

Brooks played in one game his true freshman season against Abilene Christian. This is the year before the new redshirt rule was in place, so we blew his redshirt for one game. As an outsider, that seems like an incredibly dumb thing to do but who knows what was happening behind the scenes. Maybe Brooks made it known that he planned on graduating in four years and that’s it? All I know is that Brooks was great last year as our starting center and it’d be a lot cooler if he was a Redshirt Junior going into the season.

What’s next: With a line full of question marks, Brooks anchoring the middle is one of the few things that seems certain. 12 starts and a place on one of the All-MWC teams? Brooks is also an All-Academic guy, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him grad transfer after the season if we wants to play another year.

Brewery nearest to Moorpark, California: Enegren Brewing Company

Enegren has been around since 2010 and focuses on German style beers, which means no IPA’s. I applaud their courage and would love to visit if I ever find myself in Moorpark.

Lowest Yelp Review for Enegren Brewing Company:

Nothing really to report here. Somehow this place has ten pages of four and five star reviews. The worst one I could find just complains about parking. “This place is so popular that I had a hard time finding parking. One star!” Nice review, Sara R.

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #41
2018 Hawaii, The Surprise Blowout

  • Final Score: Colorado State 34, Hawaii 43
  • Line: Colorado State -17
  • Venue: Canvas Stadium

2017 saw Hawaii finish with a 3-9 record, including a 51-21 loss to CSU on their home turf. So going into the first game of the college football season, Ram fans had to feel pretty good about their chances. Vegas installed the Rams 17-point favorites, making this the worst loss of the Mike Bobo Era in terms of point spread.

The game started with the Rainbows kicker kicking the ball short of the goal line. Instead of taking advantage of a new rule that allowed returners to fair catch the ball from anywhere on the field and take it at the 25, Preston Williams decided to run it back and fumbled. The Rams were also called for holding, so they started at the 15 (fortunately they recovered the fumble). This was the most predictable opening ever. When the new fair catch rule was put in place, it was almost a certainty that CSU wouldn’t take advantage of it.

The Rainbows were nearly unstoppable in the first half, only punting once and racing out to a 23-7 lead. Hawaii QB Cole McDonald had an all-timer with 418 yards on 26-37 passing. He also ran for 96 yards and 2 TD’s. And had white guy dreadlocks. Legendary performance.

Hawaii was leading 37-7 when KJ Carta-Samuels revved up the offense and made a game of it. After making the score 37-20, Coach Bobo called for a two-point conversion and missed it. Should he have gone for two there? Go from 17 to 16, or go from 17 to 15? Most charts will tell you to go for 1 to make it a two score game. Others say to go for 2, like this study from the math nerds at 538.

Either way, the Rams would eventually find themselves down 9 points with 44 seconds left, and they easily could have been down 8 instead. 20/20 hindsight or bad strategy? The Rams would lose 43-34 in a classic “not as close as the score makes it seem” game. Anyone who took the Rams -17 was irate.

There were a couple highlights though. KJ Carta-Samuels set the CSU record for passing yards in a game with 537. Add 5 touchdowns to that and you have a helluva debut.

The game was also the long-awaiting debut for Preston Williams. Anyone who was at the 2017 Spring Game and saw this…

…and had been waiting over a year to see him play in a real game. The wait was even worse as Williams spent a lot of his transfer year suspended from the team and his status was up in the air.

After only seeing that one play from him from the 2017 Green & Gold game, it was crazy to see Williams pull off almost the same exact play in his first real game:

This game also featured a Center going out for a pass, something I had only seen in my co-ed flag football league:

Unfortunately, this game was a sign of things to come for CSU in a disastrous 2018 season. Hawaii would finish a deceptive 8-6 with most of their wins coming against the dregs of the Mountain West. That used to be us!!!

The game is here if you want to watch. I suggest fast-forwarding to the 3rd quarter:

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