Countdown to Kickoff Day 63: Alex Azusenis

Alex Azusenis • Offensive Line • Redshirt Freshman •  Powell, Ohio

So far: Azusenis was a three star recruit who picked Colorado State over offers from pretty much every team in the Mid-American Conference. He didn’t see any game action in his redshirt season, but it looks like he saw some weight room action as the official roster shows him going from 285 to 305 pounds of pure, unadulterated strength.

What’s next: It feels like every year there’s a guy who isn’t really talked about much by the fans but becomes a regular on the offensive line. Why couldn’t Azusenis be that guy this year? He was recruited by previous offensive line coach Dave Johnson and I’m 100% on board with Coach Johnson’s ability to find o-line talent in the Midwest. Eddie Herz mentioned in his offensive line preview for the Loveland Herald-Reporter that Azusenis did well in 2019 fall camp, so we have a little evidence to back this theory up. We desperately need some depth at the tackle position and Azusenis is my guess to be that guy!

(Please keep in mind that I know absolutely nothing.)

Brewery nearest to Powell, Ohio: Nocterra Brewing Company

Nocterra. Nocterra… It sounds like a one of those made up words that car companies use to name their vehicles. Experience outdoor luxury in the brand new Nissan Nocterra

Do you ever sit down and really think about how stupid these car names are? They’re just non-sense words! Elantra… SentraMaximaIntegra… Explosiva… Never fails to crack me up.

Lowest Yelp Review for Nocterra:

Almost every bad review for this place mentioned packs of feral children, which I’ve found to be a common complaint for breweries across the nation. If I ever open a brewery, it’ll have a 21+ VIP Lounge. With a ball pit that the kids aren’t allowed to use because kids suck.

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #40
2015 Utah State, The Upside Down Game

  • Final Score: Colorado State 18, Utah State 33
  • Line: Colorado State +6
  • Venue: Maverick Stadium

I feel like we’ve hit a milestone as this Utah State game is our last loss against a team with a losing record. From here on out it’s moral victories against teams much better than us. Hooray!

Utah State was having a white out. Any time a Utah school has a “white out”, I always laugh a little.

I have a confession to make: I don’t remember anything about this game. I’m not just saying that just so I can mail-in this post and go enjoy my holiday bbq; I honestly don’t remember anything about this game. The game was only broadcast on ESPN3 so there’s a good chance I only watched it on a crappy illegal stream (or not at all).

ESPN put their cameras on the wrong side of the field, which is hilarious:

So I’m almost certain I didn’t watch this game, because I guarantee I would have remembered that and I’d forever know this game as the Upside Down Game.

The Aggies came into the game without their starting QB and backup quarterback Kent Myers took the reigns. Myers didn’t do much through the air, but was able to run for 191 yards on 16 carries.

Okay, I’m re-watching the game and I definitely didn’t watch it in 2015, because there’s no way I’d forget this play:

Thanks, ref!

Anyway, this was one of those games where the Rams would keep it close but never threaten to win.

The Aggies had a ton of talent on defense (Kyler Fackrell, Nick Vigil, Jalen Davis) but would finish the season 6-7 after a loss to Akron in the Potato Bowl.

You can watch the game here if you’re really bored and hate celebrating America:

Happy 4th!

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