Countdown to Kickoff Day 62: Ranking the TD’s of 2019 (20-11)

No 62 on the roster so lets look at touchdowns 20 through 11. Reminder, if my HTML code is right, the YouTube video should jump ahead to the touchdown:

20. Marvin Kinsey 77 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Western Illinois

Pretty nice way for Hill to pad his stats by throwing it to Kinsey in the flat and letting him do all the work. The Leatherneck defense just kinda lost track of Kinsey and he’s gone. Do the Rams have any RB’s on the roster for the 2020 season that can punish a team like this?

19. Trey McBride 4 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Air Force

The box score might show a simple 4 yard TD pass, but this play earns a bunch of bonus points. First, it’s against the dreaded Air Force Academy. The score put us up 7-0 and allowed us to dream the impossible dream that we might beat this jerks for once. Next, the play was on a 4th down and I love the decision to go for it because why the hell not. And last, there is some poetic justice using a misdirection play against the Academy, the kings of misdirection. This wasn’t just a touchdown, it was a pantsing of their defense. I loved every second of it and I hate the Air Force Academy with every fiber of my being and I can say that again now that July 4th is over.

18. Marcus McElroy 4 yard run vs Fresno State

Not the prettiest touchdown in the world, but an important one. The Bulldogs had just scored to take a 28-24 lead, their first lead of the game. Fresno had all the momentum at this point after weathering an early storm. Instead of lying down, the Rams came right back and took the lead.

Here’s the play that got them into the redzone:

Lol. That Warren Jackson is pretty good.

17. Marvin Kinsey 74 yard run vs Toledo

I love this image:

Kind of a Keystone Cop vibe from a terrible Toledo defense.

While the play is exciting, it loses some points for aesthetics because the stands are empty, the Golden Poms are nowhere to be found, and the band doesn’t seem to into it. It also doesn’t help that the Ram defense decided they’d be playing two-hand touch that evening and our offensive fireworks weren’t enough to come away victorious.

16. Dante Wright 75 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Western Illinois

First play of the game, what a friggin’ play call. I imagine the coaches and players had been working on that all week and to see it executed to perfection must have been pretty exciting. I was still at the south entrance of the stadium going up the stairs when the cannon went off so I missed it!

15. Trey McBride 42 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs New Mexico

Damn, what a block by Kinsey on that one. I love watching #33 on the Lobos on this play. First, he lets McBride run right past him. Then after he knows he’s burnt, he runs with his shoulders bobbing back-and-forth, kind of like a little kid chasing after his big brother who stole his Nintendo Switch.

14. EJ Scott 10 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Western Illinois

This one would rank a lot higher if not for the fumble and the ensuing 10-minute review by the officials. Kind of took all the fun out of it. But it really was a great touchdown, just look at this:

How does Scott score here? Incredible play.

13. Warren Jackson 16 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Boise State

Always impressive seeing your star receiver go over the middle and catch it in traffic. Always nice to see two Boise State defenders get obliterated on the same play. Bonus points for Scott Brooks diving in late and “tackling” Jackson. Never fails to crack me up.

12. Trey McBride 28 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Boise State

I refer to this one as the Bowling Pin touchdown. The play starts with a sweet stiff-arm and ends with McBride knocking down everyone in his path. Watch the replay and watch #48 get a knee to the face. So much carnage on this play, it’s so great. This McBride fella is a freaking beast.

11. Warren Jackson 11 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Fresno State

O’Brien with the classic “throw it to a spot” play. For someone of Jackson’s size to be agile enough to make this kind of adjustment on the ball is a little unfair, right? This play would end up being the game winner in a season where there weren’t many game winners.

The great thing about O’Brien is that he’s not shy about just throwing it in Jackson’s direction and letting him make a play, as we’ll see in tomorrow’s Top 10 Touchdowns of 2019.

(Was that a segue? That’s what real writers do, right?)

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