Countdown to Kickoff Day 61: Ranking the TD’s of 2019 (10-1)

No number 61 on the roster, so we’ll look at the Top 10 touchdowns of 2019. These were really difficult to rank and honestly they could be placed in any order. I reserve the right to change the order any way I see fit.

10. Marvin Kinsey 75 yard run vs Arkansas

We’ve seen some big gainers from Kinsey in this countdown, but none bigger than his 75 yarder against the Razorbacks. On just the second play of the game the Rams were up 7-0 and a half-empty Razorback Stadium was in shock.

The play was made by Left Guard Nouredin Nouili. Take a look at this:

He takes a split second with TJ Storment’s guy, somehow avoids the guy Scott Brooks is blocking into him, goes across the hole and deletes #8 from the play; springing Kinsey for a touchdown. Incredible play by Nouili and he should have been a four year starter for us and it REALLY PISSES ME OFF. If any of our OOC games get corona’d I say we replace it with Nebraska and go kick their ass.

9. Andre Neal 44 yard interception return

With the score tied at 14 in the 2nd quarter, Coach Bobo decided it was the perfect time for a boner in the kicking game so he sent a walk-on freshman onto the field to miss a 51-yard field goal. Typically these types of boners are followed up by an immediate score from the opposing team, but All-World NFL Arm Talent Pretty Boy Quarterback Jordan Love didn’t put enough mustard on his pass and Andre Neal made him pay.

Then all the Utah State quarterbacks gathered around the phone with really concerned looks on their faces, which was funny:

The Rams would follow up the pick-6 with another kicking game boner (delay of game on an extra point attempt, an incredible feat), but would still manage to convert.

8. Warren Jackson 8 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Colorado

If you’re defending Warren Jackson in the red zone, there is zero room for error. One misstep and you’re dead. On this play, Jackson does a good job selling that he’s just going to block for a run play and the moment #1 for Colorado bites, the play is over.

Lol, maybe next time Delrick.

7. Dante Wright 39 yard pass from Collin Hill vs Colorado

Coach Bobo outmaneuvered the CU defense and good ‘ol Delrick knew they were boned from the start:

As color commentator and CSU legend Kelly Stouffer astutely notes, it’s one thing to be in position to make a big play, it’s another thing to actually execute it. Hill throws a perfect ball, getting it over the cornerback’s head and getting it to Wright before the safety can help over the top. The level of difficulty on this play was through the roof but they pulled it off.

Lol, maybe next time Delrick.

6. Dante Wright 41 yard run vs Colorado


Fourth down near the 50 yard line always gets the blood pressure up. So it was pretty exciting to see the Rams pick up a big gainer and I just about lost my mind when Wright turned on the jets and took it all the way for six.

I think this is why people get so addicted to college football. Before the game, Wright was just a guy you only know from his 247 Sports profile and his HUDL videos. Two quarters into the first game of the season and you’re now looking at a cornerstone of the offense for the next four years. In college football there is always hope. That true freshman, or that guy who redshirted, or that guy who transferred in; they all have the chance be the next great Ram.

Also, can someone help me out here?

What is up with this sign? It’s pretty glossy, so the guy put some effort into it. What purpose does it serve? Is it some kind of inside joke? What was the halftime show? I’m assuming the marching band? Is this guy the father of someone in the marching band? Why would he make this sign? I’m so confused.

5. Anthony Hawkins 99 yard kickoff return vs UNLV

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ve probably picked up on theme that nothing drives me crazier than boners in the kicking game. Whether it’s missed field goals, blocked extra points, penalties on kick returns… they all drive me insane.

The Rams were averaging around 20 yards per kick return going into this game, so you can imagine my shock and elation when Anthony Hawkins took the opening kickoff 99 yards for a touchdown. It was the most unexpected touchdown of the season, as the Rams usually struggled to get kick returns past the 25-yard line.

I’ve watched the replay dozens of times and probably the most impressive part about it is that no one actually does anything all that impressive. There are no pancake blocks or crazy moves by Hawkins; everyone just does what they’re supposed to do and Hawkins goes 99 yards untouched.

I really enjoyed the camera shot of the two fans celebrating with a text book high five. It looked like it was stolen right out of an EA Sports NCAA Football game:

Seriously! Is this real life? It looks exactly like the video game!

In case you were wondering, the last kickoff return for a touchdown was by Kevin Nutt Jr against Fresno State in 2015:

4. Mohamed Kamara 63 yard fumble return vs Air Force

It’s always cool when a play combines a veteran all-time favorite type of guy (Manny Jones) and a young up-and-comer making his first big play (Mohamed Kamara). It’s also cool when a play takes out a decade’s worth of frustration from the howdy doody Air Force Falcons and their triple option.

They finally screwed it up and Manny Jones made them pay. The Rams go up 14-0 and I think we actually have a chance to beat these guys! (Spoiler alert: we didn’t.)

Bonus points for running towards a packed New Belgium Porch. That’s always so cool.

Also, bonus points to the dude who wore a Navy hat to an Air Force game:

3. Warren Jackson 87 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs New Mexico

No one is ever going to accuse Patrick O’Brien of being shy when trying to get the ball to Warren Jackson. He rolls out, guns it into triple coverage and Jackson does the rest. CSU put out a sweet video that’ll explain the touchdown better than I ever could:

2. Trey McBride 69 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Fresno State

No one really knew what to expect coming into this game. The Rams have a history of pulling off wins in Fresno, but the season had been a disappointment to this point. That’s why this touchdown was so important, it set a tone for the game that the Rams were coming in to Bulldog Stadium to get a win.

Also, the play was a spectacular, SportsCenter Top 10 type effort from McBride. When McBride gets taken in the NFL Draft, I guarantee this play will lead off his highlight package. In my head I can already hear that ESPN NFL highlight music (like this song) and Mel Kiper Jr starting in “Trey McBride, Tight End out of Colorado State…” while a video of McBride leaping over Fresno State is playing on the screen.

Anyway, I can’t help but feel bad for #23 on this play. First, he bites on the play-action, allowing McBride to get open. Then to add insult to injury, he chases McBride down and gets hurdled over! This is basically the football equivalent of getting dunked on. I know it’s only the first quarter, but 23 should have just hit the showers at that point and called it a day.

Here’s another video that CSU put out for the touchdown:

  1. Dante Wright 75 yard pass from Patrick O’Brien vs Arkansas

Down 7, back-up quarterback, 3rd-and-13, on the road against an SEC school. This is when you need someone to make a play. Enter true freshman Dante Wright, making the most spectacular play of the season.

Just look at this!

And look at this guy:

“Nice effort!” is what he was saying in front of his wife and kid, I’m sure of it.

So there you go, all the touchdowns of the 2019 season!

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