Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era: #25 2015 Savannah State

  • Final Score: Colorado State 65, Savannah State 13
  • Line: Colorado State -51
  • Venue: Hughes Stadium

We’ve reached the end of the Wins Against Crappy FCS Teams tier of victories. I ranked the Savannah State game the highest in the tier because it was Coach Bobo’s first win at CSU and because the Rams scored 65 points (the highest in Bobo’s tenure) and somehow covered a 51-point spread.

Savannah State was probably the worst team we played in the Bobo Era, and they even had to wear those crappy Russell jerseys, except their sleeves weren’t as “pubey”:

Colorado State vs Savannah State NCAA Football

Nothing really notable happened in this game, but we did make SportsCenter:

I remember being so excited after this game because we didn’t kneel on the ball and kept trying to score. “We finally have one of those asshole coaches who doesn’t give a damn about being ‘classy’ and wants to put up as many points as possible.” Unfortunately, this couldn’t be further from the truth as Coach Bobo’s teams would end up being notorious for taking their foot off the gas in the 2nd half.

The game was over when… the Savannah State center snapped the ball over the quarterback’s head on the first two plays of the game.

First play of the game, Tigers ball on the 20, the center snaps the ball over the QB’s head and he recovers it on the 2. Second play of the game:

7-0 Rams, and that’s your ballgame! Thanks for coming out, I hope you enjoyed your Aggie Day breakfast.

Behind Enemy Lines:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a Savannah State message board that went back to 2015, but I doubt the comments would have been too salty anyway. Did you know that Savannah State dropped down to Division II in 2019? I had no idea! Probably for the best as they were consistently one of the worst FCS teams.

This game was streamed on CSURams.com, so the game doesn’t really exist on the internet any more. A quick highlight video is here:

2 thoughts on “Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era: #25 2015 Savannah State

  1. Not to mention the Jordan Vaden kickoff return that should have been a td where he dropped the ball at the one…would’ve led to the miracle cover anyway, before the crushing last play of the game. Good thing Mr. Vaden wasn’t foreshadowing another boner for later in the year…

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