Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era: #24 2016 UTSA

  • Final Score: Colorado State 23, UTSA 14
  • Line: Colorado State -9
  • Venue: Hughes Stadium

We’ve completed the Wins Against Crappy FCS Teams tier and moved on to the smallest tier, Wins Against Crappy UTSA Teams.

The Texas San Antonio Roadrunners moved up to FBS and for some reason CSU decided to sign up for a four game series with them. Exposure to east Texas recruits maybe? I dunno. Luckily that deal eventually got cut in half and we only played the Roadrunners twice.

This game in 2016 was one of the most boring wins in CSU history. It was the beginning and the end of the Faton Bauta era with Bauta passing for 82 yards on 6 of 17 attempts.

The highlight for me was the multitude of kicking game boners and not being punished for them. Robert Ruiz fumbled twice on punt returns, but UTSA recovered neither of them. Wyatt Bryan missed a 38 yard field goal, but UTSA was offside. Bryan missed the ensuing 33 yard field goal, but UTSA was offside again! Bryan then drilled a 28 yarder.

The game was over when… Bryan hit a 46 yard field goal to go up 9 with 2 minutes left in the game. The defense was outstanding this game, but the lack of offense allowed UTSA to hang around. After the Rams went up two scores, there was no chance UTSA was coming back.

UTSA came in with a stud quarterback Dalton Sturm who was a good passer and could run a little. He ended up with 170 yards passing and negative 57 yards rushing.(It’s hilarious how college football includes sack yardage in rushing totals. UTSA would end up with -1 rushing yards for the game.)

The Rams defense ended with 6 sacks, 10 tackles for loss, and 5 QB hurries.

UTSA would end the season 6-6 and go on to lose to New Mexico in the New Mexico Bowl.

Behind Enemy Lines:

Let’s check out the game thread over on rowdytalk.com:

Joe Fucking Montana couldn’t win with that O-line! That cracked me up. I love this guy’s rage and I love that their message board doesn’t censor f-bombs. It’s the fucking internet, let people cuss.

I live for posts like these. This poor fella got his feelings hurt by Colorado State fans after the 2015 game which made the 2016 “heartbreaking”. You love to see it.

This game was streamed online by Campus Insiders or Stadium or whatever the hell it’s called, so it no longer exists online. Here are some highlights:

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