Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era: #23 2015 UTSA

  • Final Score: Colorado State 33, UTSA 31
  • Line: Colorado State -9.5
  • Venue: The Alamodome

This concludes the mini-tier of Wins Against Crappy UTSA Teams. This game featured multiple oddities:

It was played in a dome- To the best of my knowledge, the only other dome games we’ve played were at Idaho in the Kibbie Dome and the New Orleans Bowl in the Superdome.

It was Coach Bobo’s only OOC road win- That seems hard to believe, but it’s not as bad as it sounds. The Rams didn’t go on the road much in non-conference games thanks to an annual neutral site game in Denver. They only had five road games during Bobo’s tenure: UTSA (won), Alabama (certain loss), Minnesota (could have won), Florida (certain loss), Arkansas (should have won).

This 2020 season would have been the first time the Rams had two road games in OOC since 2013. (Rams played 13 games in 2013 and had games at Tulsa and Alabama.)

The defense forced a safety- Hayden Hunt pinned the UTSA offense to the 2 yard line with a nice punt, followed by a UTSA lineman holding in the endzone for a safety. The last time the defense scored a safety was against UTEP in 2013 and it has never happened again.

Jasen Oden had 30 carries- Only one other Ram running back had a 30-carry game in the Bobo era: Dayln Dawkins vs Boise State in 2017.

The Rams offense was able to run out the clock- Okay, this last one is anecdotal, but the Rams got the ball with 5 minutes left, up 2 points and ran the clock out. How many times has a Bobo team done that? It’s something I’ll keep track of as we move forward ranking all the wins.

The game was over when… Nick Stevens ran for a first down on 3rd and 1 with 1:30 left in the game.

The Rams were leading the game for the most part, but the Roadrunners were able to cut the lead to 2 after an 85-yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter:

Thank god for that safety!

Both teams exchanged punts and the Rams got the ball with 5 minutes left on their own 10 yard line. Oden runs for 10, 2, 28, and 6. Stevens picks up a 3rd and 1 and game over!

Behind Enemy Lines:

Not much salt towards CSU, but their fans didn’t seem to take the loss very well:

The full replay doesn’t exist online, here’s some highlights:

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