Countdown to Kickoff Day 71: Brian Crespo

Brian Crespo • Offensive Line • Freshman • Fort Collins, CO

So far: It’s been a couple days since our last Colorado RecruitTM and I’ll be honest, I was starting to suffer from withdrawals. Crespo only had offers from Colorado (Northern) and New Mexico State, which makes him an under-the-radar Colorado RecruitTM, which is the best type of Colorado RecruitTM. A mammoth offensive lineman playing in his hometown with a chip on shoulder, sign me up!

What’s next: I doubt a true freshman is going to see much time at tackle, looks like a redshirt season.

Brewery Nearest to Fort Collins, Colorado: Black Bottle Brewery

I picked Black Bottle because it’s closest to Canvas Stadium. When I go there I usually end up drinking the Friar Chuck German Kolsch. It won a bronze medal at the GABF, proving my superior taste.

Lowest Yelp Review for Black Bottle:

This review cracks me up because nearly the same thing happened to me there. I started my gameday at a tailgate in an on-campus parking lot. Some buddies called and said they were at Black Bottle, so I walked over to meet them, bringing an Old Aggie with me “for the road”.

Get to Black Bottle and my Old Aggie is only half gone. I notice the “no outside drinks” sign on the door, so I pour my Old A into one of the empty glasses on the table. The waitress comes by a couple minutes later and is like the god damn Sherlock Holmes of Beer because looks at the glass and says “We don’t have any beers that are that color.” Then she sees the empty beer can nearby and I almost get 86’d. True story. I feel your pain Aaron K!

Ranking Every Game of the Mike Bobo Era, #44
2019 Air Force, The 99-yard Pick 6 Game

  • Final Score: Colorado State 21, Air Force 38
  • Line: Colorado State +10.5
  • Venue: Canvas Stadium

We did it guys! This game marks the last of our Trophy Game losses in the Mike Bobo Era.

The Rams were riding a three-game winning streak coming into this one, letting that little part of your brain say “you know what maybe there’s a chance here”. That little part of your brain got even louder when the Rams jumped out to a 14-point lead in the first quarter off two awesome touchdowns, the McBride misdirecton:

And the Mohamed Kamara fumble return:

(Is it just me, or are touchdowns infinitely cooler when the player runs towards a packed New Belgium Porch?)

At this moment, I guarantee every Ram fan was thinking the exact same thing: This is how you beat Air Force! You gotta build an early lead and force them to pass!

Why do we always do this to ourselves, Ram fans? Why??

The Rams were winning the field position battle and the defense was playing really well and everything was going swimmingly until Coach Bobo thought to himself, “You know what? We haven’t had a boner in the kicking game yet, let’s do one of those.”

4th-and-7 from the Air Force 35, let’s send out our walk-on kicker to try a 52-yarder. What could go wrong?

Look, with college kickers you’re going to have boners in the kicking game. It’s bound to happen. But these self-inflicted boners are the worst. Coach Dazzle, I know you’re reading this. No self-inflicted boners please. Just punt it.

Predictably, the Falcons take their first short field of the day and score in six plays.

CSU was actually leading going into the 4th quarter and the defense was playing really well. Air Force made an adjustment though and beat us with the thing we all wanted to force them to do: the pass!

Donald Hammond threw for TD scores of 50 yards and 28 yards and Air Force would never relinquish the lead.

The Rams still had a small chance at the end, down 31-21, one minute left, 2nd-and-goal from the 1. That’s when Air Force’s defense slammed the door shut with a motherfucking 99-yard Pick 6, because that’s what we get for ever believing that we ever had any chance of winning this game.

Here is a condensed version of the game if you hate yourself and want to watch it:

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